Introducing a pin cleaner

RIGTOOLS introduces the "SPEEDY GONZALES Pin Cleaner", read more about this tool.

Acquisition of patent

Rigtools takes over the patented S-Torque Tool from Molde based Langset Engineering. Since then the tool design has been optimized and the name changed to "PITBULL Torque Tool". Early December the two first updated tools was delivered to land rigs in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

ADIPEC fair Abu Dhabi

Rigtools visits ADIPEC fair in Abu Dhabi to meet current and future clients.

New customers

As our visual CRM system illustrates Rigtools have welcomed a lot of new customers and users in the Middle East, GOM, Brazil, the North Sea and Asia during first quarter 2016. Fortunately we can see it pays off to visit the drilling contractors and discuss Rigtools solutions. Rig count is now way over 100.

Rigtools visiting the Middle East

Visiting Gulf Drilling International in Doha and National Drilling Company in Abu Dhabi have been a great milestone experience for Rigtools.

Happy and healthy 2016

Rigtools wishes all our safe and sound users a happy and healthy 2016. Oil price will increase again. We just don’t know when. Meanwhile it will become increasingly important to use efficient and safe equipment, tools and solutions on the drill floor. Minimize stop and go operations. Keep people out of Red Zone while operating.

Prevent hazardous lifting and handling of heavy subs, elevators, plug valves, etc. Maintain your shaker screens, drill pipe joints and other neglected cost drivers. Contact us for proposals on how to upgrade efficiency and safety by simple yet clever means.

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World Oil article concerning Rigtools

Read the essence of World Oil article concerning Rigtools efficient and safe solutions for drilling operations.

Mexico trip

Rigtools joins Mexico tour along with Danish Export Association and a delegation of Danish companies. We are preparing for the expected upturn in the region.

UAE region

First visit in the UAE region – accompanied by the Danish Trade Council.

Noble acquires Rigtools equipment

Yet another milestone. Noble have acquired their first Rigtools equipment. We are proud to supply safe and efficient solutions to one of the largest drilling contractors in the world.