Replacement shaker screens to the people

Total RIGTOOLS Corp. is prepared to service your Texas oil field operation. Our sales team provide consumables as well as unique tools to your drilling rig. We operate our sales and service team out of Texas. Shaker screen supply, shale shaker inspections, shaker motors, etc. are among our specialties. We deliver 24/7 to keep the rig operation going. Supplying affordable replacement screens to the doorstep and in general providing unmatched service, quality and price is top priority.

RIGTOOLS welcome offshore rig number 200

Since 2010 we have relentlessly been innovating, developing and introducing new solutions to the oil sector. Our increased focus on safety and efficiency on the drill floor have been in line with the operational personnel’s needs. We are happy and proud to announce that we can now welcome offshore rig number 200 to our client portfolio. On seven seas and six continents our unique tools contributes to reduce the many hazards in a tough work environment.

Founding Total RIGTOOLS Corporation in Texas

RIGTOOLS is excited to announce the foundation of our subsidiary company in Texas, Total RIGTOOLS Corporation. CEO Jeff Russo will address the needs of our existing and growing North American clientele in US GOM and onshore drilling in North America. Supplying affordable replacement shaker screens to the doorstep and in general providing unmatched service, quality and price are key drivers.

Introducing a pin cleaner

RIGTOOLS introduces the "SPEEDY GONZALES Pin Cleaner", read more about this tool.

Clamp Down on pinched fingers!

User statements • I believe these clamps are the best tools I have seen offshore for safety and operational performance. • A good product that reduced the risk to the personnel working on building BHA operations. • Crews highly recommend this product.

Dropped objects downhole

What is the cost of dropped objects downhole ? Still counting… ? No need to. The Rigtools Tarpaulin Hole Cover removes such pointless headaches.