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Safety and efficiency

Experience increased safety and efficiency based on unique high quality equipment and solutions.

Choose from a variety of patented solutions to implement higher standards in your drilling operation.

We can modify our standard tools to ensure an exact fit on your rig and functioning interface.

Based on your requirements we can also tailor-make a one-off solution that once and for all solves your everyday drilling problem.

To our daily users of RIGTOOLS every minute and every safety precaution is most important and the key to successful oil field operations.

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Our customers

Drilling teams prefer RIGTOOLS products because we can demonstrate efficiency, cost reductions and improved safe.

International service

From our HQ in Denmark as well as our North American subsidiary we provide RIGTOOLS products to 200 drilling rigs on six continents and seven seas.

Quality assurance

RIGTOOLS Originals is a line of unique products and solutions providing easy-to-use safety tools and equipment where durability and quality is guaranteed.