EuroMaster All Terrain Step Platform

As safe as they are tough

As the name suggests, the Branach EuroMaster All Terrain Step Platform is built for any terrain, indoors or out. Its individual adjustable legs offer the convenience and stability that users and safety experts have been asking for and it meets the EN 131-7 standard.


  • Complies to EN 131-7
  • Both legs deploy and extend independently to 1.3 metres allowing safe work on uneven ground or rough terrain
  • Lightweight and durable yet load rated to 150kgs
  • Integrated front and rear safety rail situated at 0.96m above the deck
  • Step covers and equal step distance ensure safe access and egress
  • Legs fold within profile making transport an manual handling stress free
  • Fibreglass construction so workers are isolated from the ground making the product suitable for electrical work
  • Unique construction allows for quick action set up, portability, and easy store
MODEL Platform Height Open Height Closed Height Weight Load Rating
FPE-AT 0.9 0.85m 1.82m 2.01m 21kg 150kg
FPE-AT 1.2 1.14m 2.10m 2.31m 23kg 150kg
FPE-AT 1.4 1.43m 2.39m 2.61m 25kg 150kg
FPE-AT 1.7 1.71m 2.68m 2.91m 27kg 150kg
FPE-AT 2.0 2.00m 2.96m 3.21m 30kg 150kg