EuroMaster Premium Step Platform

As safe as they are tough

The Branach EuroMaster Premium Step Platform not only conforms to the EN 131-7 standard, it exceeds it. With features including raised legs, step covers and a rear safety rail, this platform is designed to deliver exceptional performance, while keeping your workers safe.


  • Complies to EN 131-7
  • Lightweight and durable yet load rated to 150kgs
  • Sure Step Covers give the user more control and comfort when working at height, while ensuring equal step distance
  • Stongbox joining system gives unparalleled performance in strength and stability
  • Fully integrated front and rear safety rail situated at 0.96m above the deck
  • Fibreglass construction so workers are isolated from the ground making the product suitable for electrical work
  • Raised legs enabling the platform to straddle obstructions on the ground and get 4 points of base support
MODEL Platform Height Open Height Closed Height Weight Load Rating
FPE-PM 0.6 0.65m 1.53m 1.71m 15kg 150kg
FPE-PM 0.9 0.85m 1.82m 2.01m 17kg 150kg
FPE-PM 1.2 1.14m 2.10m 2.31m 19kg 150kg
FPE-PM 1.4 1.43m 2.39m 2.61m 21kg 150kg
FPE-PM 1.7 1.71m 2.68m 2.91m 23kg 150kg
FPE-PM 2.0 2.00m 2.96m 3.21m 26kg 150kg
FPE-PM 2.3 2.29m 3.25m 3.51m 28kg 150kg
FPE-PM 2.6 2.58m 3.58m 3.85m 31kg 150kg