BOXING RING Rotary Handrail

After removing master bushings you install the BOXING RING Rotary Handrail in rotary table to reduce potential hazards when working on, through and below rotary.

How does BOXING RING Rotary Handrail increase Safety & Efficiency on your rig?

There is a high risk of accidents when Roughnecks have to work on or close to the open rotary table, after the master bushing has been removed. They might trip, fall or accidentally drop loose items through the rotary table. By installing the BOXING RING Rotary Handrail in the rotary table, these risks are greatly reduced. The handrail keeps personnel clear of the open rotary table and a high kickplate prevents loose objects from accidentally being dropped or kicked into the well.
The BOXING RING Rotary Handrail consists of two lightweight aluminium half-moon parts with an integrated locking mechanism. The simple and lightweight design makes it safe, fast and easy for a single person to install without requiring loose parts, bolts or tools. BOXING RING Rotary Handrail is fast to handle and can be installed or removed in just few seconds during the operation, thereby increasing efficiency on the rig.

Why Choose RIGTOOLS BOXING RING Rotary Handrail?

The concept of the BOXING RING Rotary Handrail was thought out by the founders of RIGTOOLS while they were working on offshore rigs. They understood that every rig needs a tool that covers similar needs, which was why they chose to follow through with optimizing the idea and providing the best solution on the market.
The goal was to provide a simple but effective solution, where one person can lift, move and install the lightweight handrail. A special locking system with no loose bolts increases safety and reduces time needed to install or remove the BOXING RING Rotary Handrail. One of the targets was to standardize the solution and make it available for every rig, where the only information required from the customer is the rotary measurements, thereby making the procurement process as effortless as possible.
During the development process, it was important to make sure that the BOXING RING Rotary Handrail is a compact tool that is easily stored away when dismantled. The realization that lose objects can also end up in the well from a distance, and not only when working directly on the rotary table, led to the addition of the high kick plates.

Facts about BOXING RING Rotary Handrail

BOXING RING Rotary Handrail consists of two half-moon parts that are locked together when installed in the rotary table
Customized to fit any rotary table
Made of aluminum, resulting in lightweight parts
20 cm high kick plates