To increase safety and prevent personnel being exposed to unwanted fluids and fatal impact, we have designed the Rigtools COUNTERPUNCH safety gloves series.

The high level of safety and efficiency in today’s drilling operations
around the world requires special attention to work areas and
exposures to various impact and fluids.


  • Protection pads against sudden blows and impact

  • Anti slip coated palms and fingers

  • Tight sealing cuffs

  • Water resistant

  • Breathable and comfortable

  • Offshore durable

  • Ergonomic and flexible

  • Fits like a glove


  • Triple Armadil – multi zone SBS protection to reduce impact and risk of brushed and pinched fingers, knuckles and back of hand.
  • BONWI fabric - water resistant and breathable.
  • Pitbull – anti slip silicone Counterpunch design for ultra grip.
  • OSFA neoprene cuff.
  • Double stitching.
  • Extreme Hi-Viz colors.
  • ID tag.
  • Machine washable.

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