PONCHO Hole Cover

PONCHO Hole Cover made of tarpaulin to avoid dropped objects into the well doing completion jobs.

How does PONCHO Hole Cover increase Safety & Efficiency on your rig?

When working close to the rotary table, there is a risk of objects falling into the well or down below, which can cause damage to the equipment, shutdowns, delays, and costly repairs.
RIGTOOLS PONCHO is a durable tarpaulin hole cover with Velcro strips. It is installed around the drill pipe or tubular as a barrier for dropped objects prevention. This increases the safety and efficiency of work around the rotary table, by preventing objects from falling into the well.
RIGTOOLS PONCHO Hole Cover, with its overlapping slit with velcro on the sides, is fast and easy to install or remove, while fitting tightly around a wide range of tubulars.

Why Choose RIGTOOLS PONCHO Hole Cover?

A large part of the development of the PONCHO Hole Cover was about finding the right balance between weight, durability, handling, and optimization of the well protection. The thickness of the tarpaulin provides great protection for the well, while the weight of only 3 kg makes the PONCHO Hole Cover easy to handle and fast and easy to install around the tubular.
PONCHO Hole Cover is installed using only velcro - no metal items are required. The placement of the velcro strips also ensure that the PONCHO Hole Cover fits tightly around a wide range of tubulars. The top of the Hole Cover is a high visibility bright orange, ensuring visibility in any conditions and increasing safety.
RIGTOOLS PONCHO Hole Cover is designed for functionality and durability, without compromising safety and efficiency on the rig.

Facts about PONCHO Hole Cover

Made of durable high visibility tarpaulin
Weight: 3 kg

Outer diameter: 75”
Inner hole diameter: 3” – 10” with flexible velcro collar
Collar height: 6”

Breaking strength warp: 3000 N/5cm
Breaking strength weft: 2800 N/5cm
Tear strength warp and weft: 300 N
Velcro strength: 90 N/5cm
Temperature resistance: ‐30 to +70 °C

Customized tarpaulin or alloy covers can be made on request.