When handling lifting subs homemade tools or straps are often used. Handling lifting subs in various ways have caused many incidents and pinched fingers.

How does RIGTOOLS Clamp increase Safety & Efficiency on your rig?

RIGTOOLS Clamp is the best solution on the market to move or handle lifting subs on the rig. The RIGTOOLS Clamp is attached directly on to the lifting sub while installing or removing it from BHA tubulars. This eliminates the need of lifting slings and other loose equipment, reducing time spent on handling pups and lifting subs as well as reducing the risk of accidents.

Using RIGTOOLS Clamp ensures more safe and efficient management of lifting subs in both vertical and horizontal positions. During operation, the tool is securely locked using safety hooks, ensuring safety of the personnel and eliminating various safety risks on the rig. RIGTOOLS Clamp significantly reduces the amount of manual heavy lifting related to the use of lifting subs.

Why Choose RIGTOOLS Clamp?

RIGTOOLS Clamp is an original product developed by experienced people who worked for years on Drilling rigs worldwide. The design of RIGTOOLS Clamp is based on the challenges that these people faced on the drill floor, while handling lifting subs as a part of their daily operations.

The development of RIGTOOLS Clamp was focused on eliminating the need of loose equipment, such as bolts and shackles, during handling of lifting subs. The purpose is to reduce risk of personnel getting injured due to handling of subs and pups using lifting slings. Shackles or loose bolts will therefore not fall into the drilling hole and risk damaging equipment in the well. Without the need of loose equipment, there are also less risk of distractions from the lifting or handling operations, further increasing safety and efficiency.

Hands-on experience behind RIGTOOLS Clamp resulted in a tool which is clamped directly around the lifting subs when installing or removing them from BHA components. This improves both the workspace and safety for the Roughnecks, using a simple solution to optimize one of the heavy lifting operations on the Drilling rig.

Facts about RIGTOOLS Clamp

Made of stainless steel.
Delivered with two-legged lifting chains or wire slings and full certification for offshore or onshore use
Can handle loads of up to 1000 kg
Can be custom-made to any required dimensions

Standard sizes: 3 ½", 4", 5", 5 ½", 5 ⅞", 6 ⅝" and 7"
RIGTOOLS Clamp is a stock item, ready for delivery at any time
You can choose to either rent or purchase RIGTOOLS Clamp