SPEEDY GONZALES Pin Cleaner cleans tubular pin end threads prior to applying dope.


Stainless steel.

Depending on preference the tool can be used with HP water or air.

Ensures pin ends are properly cleaned prior to applying dope.

To cover as many pin cleaner requirements as possible on the rig, we can offer 90 or 45 degree bend pins. 90 and 45 degrees pins are useful depending on heights and angels that the pin is used in.


The operator using SPEEDY GONZALES Cleaner spends only a few seconds to clean the threads 360 degrees – in one workflow.


Increased efficiency and reduces exposure of personnel in Red Zone. The operator works in a safe distance and is protected by the spray shield.

We can provide a suitable HP Cleaner for your MONSOON Shaker Screen Washer / COBRA Wash & Dope Tool / TYPHOON Wiper / BHA Wash Tool / SPEEDY Gonzales Pin Cleaner.