The high level of safety at modern drilling operations require special attention to equipment. Most drilling rigs have fully automated derrick and pipe handling systems. In certain regions the legislation prohibits personnel to work on the drill floor while the automatic pipe handling machines are in use. But still we experience personnel using HP cleaners when BHA is pulled through rotary and rubber wipers to clean DP string.


The TYPHOON v.2 is tailor-made to fit on top of the diverter or bell nipple.

It connects to the rig’s HP water system or a special HP unit fit for purpose. In addition HP air is connected. Actuation of water/air can be done locally on the drill floor or remotely from driller’s cabin.

TYPHOON v.2 is welded in heavy stainless steel and in compliance with “Dropped Object Prevention Handbook”.
CE certification.
Welding certificate.


Easy to install on top of diverter or bell nipple.
Improves safety on drill floor.
No risk of dropped objects.
No debris on drill floor or windows from using manual HP cleaning. All debris will be kept below rotary. Clean and tidy.
BHA and DP string will be pulled faster out of hole, no stops for manual cleaning.
Clean BHA when racking back or laying down on deck.


TYPHOON v.2 eliminates personnel performing manual cleaning in Red Zone when BHA and DP is pulled through rotary.

No exposure to the danger of dropped objects or working close to remote operated machines on drill floor.

The tool only uses very limited water volume when HP cleaning the BHA.

Less time spent on housekeeping after tripping, fast moving to next operation, less flat spots on operational trends.


We can provide a suitable HP Cleaner for your MONSOON Shaker Screen Washer / COBRA Wash & Dope Tool / TYPHOON Wiper / BHA Wash Tool / SPEEDY Gonzales Pin Cleaner.