COBRA Wash & Dope Tool

COBRA Wash & Dope Tool

Most drilling rigs have fully automated derrick and pipe handling systems. In certain regions the legislation prohibits personnel to work on the drill floor while the automatic pipe handling machines are in use. But still we experience personnel using HP cleaners and manual dope brushes when drill pipe and other tubulars are cleaned and doped prior to connection.


The COBRA can be installed in two different ways - stand alone or integrated with the pipe handling system. It can we tailor-made to fit most drill floor applications and to be used with most types of pipe handling equipment

As stand alone the COBRA is placed conveniently on the drill floor. When the DP moves from setback area towards well center the pipe handler makes a wash and dope stop. The COBRA will raise vertically and position itself embracing the DP pin end. After engaging a 360 degree sequence using HP water will wash the threads and apply dope. After a few seconds the DP can move on.

When integrated the COBRA is installed on the pipe handler/racker. The COBRA will raise to engage with the pin end and to carry out the wash and dope sequence.

Wash time and applied dope volume are PLC controlled parameters. The COBRA require power, HP water, air and dope to operate. It is ATEX certified, Zone 1, CE certification, etc. Optional choices are:

  • Dope pump stand alone. Data tracker and heat tracing available.
  • HP Wash Down Unit, integration available.
  • Supply station. Dope pump and HP Cleaner build into cabinet.


Easy to install on the drill floor or pipe handler.

The COBRA will wash and dope the DP tool joints automatically and ensure clean threads before applying correct amount of dope.

Air-driven cylinder ensures gentle tool interaction with DP. Self-cleaning interior wash/flush sequence. Drain hose connection, no spill on drill floor. No personnel in drop zone while tripping in hole.


Releases human resources. Personnel avoid the danger of dropped objects or working close to remote operated machines on drill floor (Red Zone).

No over torqued connections. Not taking up iron roughneck time (as when pipe doper is installed on iron roughneck).

We can provide a suitable HP Cleaner for your MONSOON Shaker Screen Washer / COBRA Wash & Dope Tool / TYPHOON Wiper / BHA Wash Tool / SPEEDY Gonzales Pin Cleaner.

Hi-hat Doper

HI-HAT Doper

HI-HAT Doper is a lightweight raised frame for buckets. The integrated lid keeps water and debris out of the expensive dope.


Frame and lid made of galvanized steel.

1 meter high and weighing 10 kg.

Two brackets on the sides for holding dope brushes.


The piedestal with brush brackets and foot operated lid improves ergonomics. Fast and efficient to use.

Furthermore the lid will keep the dope clean.


Personnel will not get exposed to dope.

Keeping the dope clean will extend the lifetime and reduce the amount of discarded half full buckets due to contaminated dope.

No contaminated dope will be applied on threads.