BOP Drift Tool

BOP Drift Tool

Drilling operations worldwide experience problems after subsea BOP testing if the annular packer elements fail to fully retract. This potentially fatal situation often occurs in deep and cold waters. To increase efficiency and prevent pulling the BOP we offer the BOP Drift as a solution to this problem. The BOP Drift was developed in close cooperation between RIGTOOLS' design team and a worldwide leading drilling contractor.


The BOP Drift will be designed and tailor-made to fit the rigs setup. It will be an integrated part of the BOP test string to allow for quick and safe drifting of BOP's.

After testing rams and annular preventers, the test string is pulled out of the BOP.

Drilling fluids can circulate freely through 8 channels with no flow restrictions in the annulus.

API 7K certified.


The tapered shape on the BOP Drift assists the annular packer element to retract to original setting if the annular packers are reluctant to retract fully prior to "drifting". Pulling the BOP stack is no longer the only solution.


With the possibility of using the BOP Drift you prevent damaging the annular BOP and prevent retrieval of the marine riser and BOP. Generally the option of using the BOP Drift will eliminate annular failures and potential downtime, thus saving time and money.