Automated pipe handling systems have allowed many conventional rig floor tasks to become obsolete. Yet a fundamental operation – wiping the pipe when POOH, still relies on technology from the days of wooden derricks. With 100% Red Zone compliance a non-negotiable in today’s Drilling industry, there existed a gap in technology that RIGTOOLS identified and have solved with the TYPHOON v3.


The TYPHOON Wiper is tailor-made to fit on top of the diverter or bell nipple. It connects to the rig’s HP water system or a special HP unit fit for purpose. In addition LP air is connected for actuation of the rubber wiping blades.
Actuation of water/wiper blades can be done locally on the drill floor or remotely from Driller’s Cabin.

  • Heavy duty stainless steel.
  • HP water nozzles for cleaning BHA components.
  • Require: HP water at 150-200 bar, 20-24 liter/min.
  • 8 adjustable rubber blades for wiping DP,HWDP,DCs etc.
  • Require: LP air at 6-7 bar, 1000lpm for operation of slew motor.
  • Machinery ATEX certified for zone 1.
  • ID minimum – Greater than 18 ¾”
  • In compliance with ”Dropped Object Prevention Handbook”.


  • Easy to install on top of diverter or bell nipple.
  • Improves safety on drill floor.
  • No risk of dropped objects.
  • No debris on drill floor or windows from using manual HP cleaning. All debris will be kept below rotary. Clean and tidy.
  • BHA and DP string will be pulled faster out of hole, no stops for manual cleaning.
  • Clean BHA when racking back or laying down on deck.


  • TYPHOON Wiper eliminates personnel performing manual cleaning in Red Zone when BHA and DP is pulled through rotary.
  • Cost savings on purchase of wiper rubbers.
  • Rig time savings on installation/removal of wiper rubbers on every trip.
  • Rig time savings when pulling BHA through RT.
    No mud on slips.
  • Eliminates handling of master bushings prior to POOH if installing wiper rubber below the table.
  • Eliminates hazards of mud on rotary table if wiper rubber installed above table.
  • Blades adjustable through full range from 18 ¾” to 2 7/8” – Ability to wipe casing, standalone screens, completion jewellery.
  • No exposure to the danger of dropped objects or working close to remote operated machines on drill floor – 100% Red zone compliance
  • The tool only uses very limited water volume when HP cleaning the BHA

We can provide a suitable HP Cleaner for your MONSOON Shaker Screen Washer / COBRA Wash & Dope Tool / TYPHOON Wiper / BHA Wash Tool / SPEEDY Gonzales Pin Cleaner.